Birthday Event Organisers Chennai

Birthday Event Organisers Chennai

Task Moon event planners are one of the Best Birthday Event Organisers Chennai. We do all kind of birthday parties in various locations of Chennai. We are specialist in the 1st year birthday party events in Chennai.

Service of our birthday party events in Chennai
  • Venue selection near to your location
  • Theme selection for birthday boy theme and birthday girl theme
  • Birthday theme stage decoration
  • Birthday theme cake selection
  • Events for children
  • Guest welcoming
  • Birthday balloon decoration
  • DJ music
  • Stage and hall decorations
  • Food and soft drinks
  • Photography and videography for birthday parties
  • Planning and executions
  • Return gifts for children
  • Games for children
Ballon decoration for birthday party Chennai
Everybody like balloons, Children love balloons to play with the balloon. We do all kind of color balloon decorations for your birthday party events and make it more color full and remarkable in your lifetime. We do balloon arch, balloon bunch, balloon stakes and more designs in the balloon.
Birthday stage theme decoration
Birthday theme is one of the important creative parts in the birthday events. Your theme makes your party more eventful and attractive. There are different types of birthday party events we do. Some are specifically for boys birthday party events and some of them are girls birthday party events.

Boys theme – Chota beam birthday party events, Spiderman birthday party events, jungle book birthday party events, Bala Krishna birthday party themes and much more

Girls theme – The famous Barbey girls birthday party theme, Flowers birthday party theme, Gloria birthday party themes and so on.

Birthday party theme cake.
Cake plays a very important role in the birthday party. It occupies the 2nd place followed by the birthday baby. Birthday cakes are very special to make with more creative and safe to eat by the kids. Task Moon offer the wide range of special birthday cakes in Chennai.


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