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Bouncer Boys For Events in ChennaiBouncer boys will help to run an event in a seamless way. Especially the events which involve alcohol parties, night parties, public parties, female parties involving male guests. Bouncer boys will manage and secure an event to run without any issues or problems.

Qualification of Bouncer boys for events.
The basic qualification of a bouncer boys is physical appearances. Should good for height and muscle body. Another important qualification of bouncers is to manage the group of people or independent stag without affecting the event or party. Monitoring the guests, roaming over the event venue, coordinate with their own team. Ensure the safety of the property where the event is happening.

Educational Qualification of bouncer boys
Should be good for behavior and manager the people. Fluent in English and other regional languages are advantages of bouncer boys. Knowledge of the location of the event venue. Knowledge of first aid is also an added advantage of bouncers. Apart from this qualification, they should know how to take a situation, how to manage the people in public places, also should know the nearby hospitals, police stations and more.

Salary of Bouncer boys in Chennai
Most of the bouncer boys are work in a part time jobs for events or parties. When the event comes they can work for it. So salary of a bouncer boys is not fixed. But the average salary for bouncer boys is starts from Rs 1000 to max depending on the event, number of guests, and the type of the work.

Uniform of bouncer boys
Mostly black color T.Shirts, Jean, Boots, tag, a walkie-talkie is the basic uniform of a bouncer boys.

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