Emcee Komail

Entrepreneur, Video Jockey, Master of Ceremonies (MC) for
Corporates, College Cultural, Birthday Parties, Celebrity
interviews, Get together parties, Exhibitions

Name: Komal Jain
Age: 25
Height: 5.5”
Eye Color: Brown
Languages known: English, Hindi, Tamil, Gujarathi, Marathi, Bengali, Sanskrit
Education: M.Tech (Structural Engineering)
Areas of expertise: Exhibition, Corporate, Wedding Sangeet, College Culturals
Skills: Marketing Communication, Logistics handling, Crowd pulling
She started the business in 2015 with small opportunities such as kitty parties, birthday
and wedding events amongst family and friends circle. In 2016, her business tasted a
big success when she received an opportunity to be on stage alongside leading actors of
the southern film industry for big cultural events.


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