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The outing is one of the fastest lifestyles activity in corporate companies like Information Technologies, Industrial, Production Industries and more.


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Advantages of Team Outings.

  • Team outing will help your team to relax their stress and work pressure.
  • Creating a teamwork environment
  • Interact with unknown people of their team
  • Problem-solving
  • Target achievements
  • Task completions
  • Make the upcoming weeks fresh
  • Trust over the company
  • Physical fitness

These are some of the important aspects of team building activities.

Apart from these above activities, the team will see new places like resorts, adventure spaces, gaming zones etc. It will help them to mentally relax and refresh them self. Finding a better corporate team outing organizers like Task Moon will help to give the perfect solutions in better ways.

Some important games of team outing.

  • Game of Possibilities
  • Winner/Loser
  • Purpose Mingle
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Human Knot
  • The Perfect Square
  • The Mine Field
  • The Egg Drop
  • Ice Breaker Games
  • The Barter Puzzle

How to organize a team outing.
Select a suitable date for the team outing, mostly Saturdays are well fitted for the team outing, because of next day is rest Sunday. Then choose a total number of members and their respective locations. Find a common place where easy to reach by all. Arrange a transport if needed. Select a female emcee or female coordinator who can organize the games. She should be good knowledge in team game activities. Select a venue which mostly beach resort, grounds or hotels with green gardens. List out gaming materials and other related items. An event DJ will add toppings of the gaming events.

For more guidance in team outing, Female emcee coordinator, Venue locations please contact Task Moon Events at 8825717785 – Whatsapp or call. Send mail to


Type of Games for teams

icebreaker- people with make groups and stand n a straight line n further they will have to make that particular human-made line the longest, shortest, highest
• Find your Chair_chairs would be arranged in a circle and the people would be standing on the count of 2 they must find a chair opposite to them, and not adjacent, the person who fails to find his chair would be out
• Fruits Calling -groups would be having papers with the alphabet and the mc would call out a riddle regarding a fruit and the group would arrange themselves with answer n show it on the paper, points would be calculated for each team
• Hunt for the crown_A chart would be placed for each team and the star-shaped stones would be hidden n places group Will be finding out the hidden stars n make a crown with the chart n place it on the skipper head
• Dress up walk_newspaper will be placed, each person from the group must take those papers n make a costume out of it n then walk on the ramp
• Moonwalk_group will have to Take long plastic sheet n fix the ends together resembling a loop, and the stand inside the loop so they will have to walk on the sheet of paper together so that it moves like a wheel
• Blow your opponent_team will have a thread on which a cup would slide, each team member will have to blow the cup from one end to other
• Fill the bucket_each member will be having a glass, They will have to Take water from one end n transfer it to partner’s cup further it continues n the last member will transfer it to the empty bucket, amount of water will be calculated
• Operation Transfer _team members will be holding a thread upon which a plate would be balanced, with the help of this balance they will have to transfer cups from one end to the other

Team Building Activities in Chennai – Task Moon

Task Moon Events is well versed to conduct team outings in effective ways. Make your teammates fell the happy and relax on the day.

Corporate Team Outing Organisers Chennai

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