Exhibition Event organizer Chennai

Exhibition Event organizer Chennai – Task Moon Events.

We are one of the experiences in Exhibition Event organizer Chennai. We do all kinds of customized stalls, layouts and interiors for your events

  • Custom Made Design
  • Virgin Materials
  • Fast process
  • High Quality
  • Professional Design
  • Multiple Sample in 3D model
  • Brand implementations
  • The best cost in Industries
  • A wide range of Industrial exposure
  • Well experienced team
  • All India Support
  • Turnkey projects

Product exhibition are the important events for any company, It will help them to promote their product or services in the industries. It will improve the brand or product of the company. A successful exhibition will Improve the sales and profit of the company. With this in our-our mind, we design your exhibition stall will be designed in an effective way. Either it’s a 100 square feet of 10,000 square feet we design in your own elegant way.

Our process
Based on the size of the stall we design the interior and exterior part of your exhibition stall in 3D software. It will give you a better idea to understand the stall before it constructs. We can give a few optional designs to choose your best. All our designs are cost-effective, quality and well-branded design.
Innovative trade show booth design
So far we develop lots of trade show booth design for a lot of the companies all over India. Our custom made a design for the exhibition stall stands out in the exhibitions. Our team of experts will develop customized pavilions and exhibition stall for individual companies. Hand of well-experienced stall design will meet our customer’s requirement in every part of the stall.
Turnkey projects
We do all kinds of turnkey projects in the stall design and booth designs. Coordinate with clients and execute the projects in their own brand. We work under your brand on turnkey projects. Well trusted and well-equipped team of experienced members can execute your project ts in the right time and the right way.


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