Events are the group of people work together and make it a success. Task Moon welcomes effective and trusted partners in the event management. Either you are expertise or want to start your career in the events, get a touch with us. Yours are balloon decorator or a magician Task Moon welcomes you to become partners in the events. Task Moon looking partners all over India. Who has the good workmanship and trusted agency can become partners with us in the Event Planning.

Partners can send mail to
People who are good experiences and knowledge in
  • Corporate Events
  • Marriage events
  • Special events
  • Birthday party planners
  • Sports event organizing
  • Team outing process
  • Get to gather functions
  • Decorates of event stage
  • Balloon Decorators
  • Flower decorates
  • Stage performers
  • Stand out comedy
  • Stage dancers
  • Music team
  • Audio and Visual teams
  • Event photography
  • Event Videography
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Plant suppliers
  • Manpower organizers for events
  • Welcome girls
  • Female Anchors
  • Female Emcees
  • Male Anchors
  • Award suppliers
  • Transport coordinators
  • Event coordinators
  • Catering services
  • Water suppliers
  • Shelters and more

Above listed people can get a touch with us via email – send your profiles and references to

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