Real Estate Launch

Real Estate Launch

Product Launch

Whatever may be the product, product launching plays a very important role in attracting the customers to buy our product. The product can be a car, bike, TV, mixer grinder or even a pen; in all the cases launching is important. If the product is a car, then ribbon cutting will be done in star hotel whereas if it is a real estate launch, it will be in open space. Here are some interesting ideas for product launching.

  • Creating curiosity
  • Upload videos
  • Prove uniqueness of the product
  • Advertise your product using famous personalities
  • Start a countdown of your product launch
Real Estate Launch

Real Estate launch can be done in an open space by putting a big shamiana with attractive color.

A) Distributing bit notice

Bit notice containing all the details about the plot or the apartment can be distributed to people in the surrounding area. A clear picture of the plot to be developed with roads and trees can be given in the bit notice. The nearby facilities like, schools, colleges, hospitals, railway station etc can be mentioned in the notice.

B) Media Advertisement

Advertisements can be given in popular media like Radio, Television, News Paper. Advertisements given on television can be in the evening time rather than the morning time so that people will watch it fully especially housewives will be free at that time. Similarly, newspaper advertisements should be on Sundays. But if the launching is on Sunday, it is better to have the advertisements on Friday and Saturday. The font size of the advertisement given in the newspaper should be of the generous size which draws the reader’s eyes. Advertisements can also be given in the most familiar Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which can attract the people more easily. Advertisements should be more attractive and interesting which should include videos and dialogues explaining the various features of the plots.

C) Invite VIPs

Popular VIPs like Cinema people or media people can be invited for the inauguration so that people will come eagerly to see them. The VIPs should be requested to explain the benefits and salient features of the plots so that people will listen to them properly.

D) Hospitality and Decoration

You should decorate the area attractively and put sufficient chairs and provide lunch, snacks, beverages like tea, coffee etc to facilitate the customers. Icecreams and balloons can be given if the customer’s children are accompanying. Some common attractive color can be used to decorate the area. The lucky draw can be conducted among the customers and surprising gifts can be given to them.

E) Easily Contactable

            Create a clear website for your company and provide your contact information on all the pages of your website. Select your contact numbers such that they can be easily remembered.

F) Be a sponsor

            You can be a sponsor in some school or college events, local festivals, Sports events etc to get closer to the people. Being a sponsor you can even provide T-Shirts containing your logo to attract the customers.

G) Creating a Mobile App

Nowadays 80 percent of the internet usage is through mobile phones. You should make your website mobile friendly. To create the mobile app for your company which explains all your features including your location.

F) Event Management

            You can make the customers feel comfortable by saying that they can get the key to their home without worrying about any construction work of their beautiful home. You should also explain all the quality work done by you.

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