Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities or day outing activities are similar. It helps to improve the team performances, motivations and stress release.

Team Building ActivitiesWhat is called corporate Team building activities?
Team building activities are a kind of short time games where a smaller or larger group of people can play. Split into a few groups and try to achieve the task. An Emcee will coordinate the team for the building activities.

Who need team building activities?
Team outing is common for the industries like IT, Non-IT, Automotive industries, BPO and much more.


Advantages of Team building activities
There are lots of advantage in the team building activities some of them are listed below

  • It helps to work as the team
  • Interact with a new team and new people
  • Develop a relationship with another team member
  • Know about other team members
  • Finding new skills of the team or a team member
  • A real interaction will build with your team members
  • Improvise the management skills
  • Relax your mind and reduce your work stress.
  • The scope of new success and task

Type of corporate games in team outing activities in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai in India.

  • Icebreaker
    • Balloon war
    • Fire in the mountain
    • Tug of war
    • Find your Chair
    • Fruits Calling
    • Hoola Hoop Passing
    • Pass the ball using neck(boys)
    • Arrange the order
    • Hunt for the crown
    • Dress up walk
    • Moonwalk
    • Team relay
    • Blow your opponent
    • puzzled out
    • Fill the bucket
    • Operation Transfer

Where to conduct team building planning?
You can conduct the team building games and activities at your preferred locations. Either it’s your preferred location, Open gardens, Playground, Resorts lawn, Beach bay, hotels, halls or either in your cafeteria space.

In Chennai, there are lots of beachside resorts to conduct your team building activities or day outing activities. Lawn or open gardens are well recommended for your corporate team outing in Chennai

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